CIN No: U15412WB2009PLC139597

A national brand with an international footprint

Though a young organisation, Anmol is already one of the top biscuits and confectionery producers in India. That too, in just more than 5 years. Breaking geographical barriers, Anmol exports a wide and exclusive range of biscuits to Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Caribbean Islands.

Our export products have been specially developed to cater to the particular taste of each nation. The supreme packaging along with the logistics support, ensures optimum freshness and longer shelf life. The nutritional goodness too, stays intact under diverse climatic conditions. Take a bite and let your taste buds relish the yummy ‘Fresh Flavour’ and ‘Taste’.

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Joining hands in partnership

It has been a great privilege to be associated with Anmol Industries. Success is a process and not an event and Anmol is one of the best leading corporate houses to have set this example. Always moving ahead, new expansions, innovations, continuously thriving to provide good quality biscuits to the market. The management, the staff, be it in factory or office, all have been very courteous and helpful. Anmol maintains extremely high standards of quality when it comes to their products, work process and relationships as well. Because of this, we too, have grown along with the company. This in due course has helped us expand into new markets. Finally, a very big thank you for letting us allow to be in association with you and help us grow also. All our good wishes are always with you for all your present and future projects.

Yashwant Bothra Oshyan Mercantile Pvt. Ltd

It has been my pleasure to have worked with you. As the concept of business goes, both of us have gained from this association and I can say with confidence that our journey has remained very satisfying and fulfilling. There’s a lot to learn regarding ethics of business and treating your clients with due respect from team Anmol. Anmol, as the name goes, is priceless and so is our association with them. The production has remained very vivid and qualitative which has certainly impressed the consumer and their response is testimony of the same.

Mohit Jaiswal Grihasthi

We have been associated with Anmol since inception and have grown with Anmol since then. It has been an amazing journey going through all the ups and down together through the years. Anmol is one the most organised and professionally managed companies. This company is managed by some of the most professional people in the industry with warmth, passion, rationale and understanding. They are very realistic, striving to achieve their goals – beating them year after year. This is one of the fastest growing companies in India. We are extremely proud of Anmol and their association with us.

Kanhaiya Khandelwal Mohan Implex