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Empowering Experiences

We have been a part of the Anmol family ever since 1999. Since then, the journey with Anmol has been nothing short of wonderful. We have a pleasant business relationship with Anmol and they have always treated us each one of us like family.


Chattisgarh (KORBA)

Together with Anmol, we have completed 20 successful years as business partners. What a fantastic journey it’s been!


Chattisgarh (BILASPUR)

We have been partners with Anmol since 2003. Together, this journey of 16 years along with the support they have given us, has greatly catapulted our business.


Odisha (Salepur)

Before we joined hands with Anmol as their distributor I worked with Tata Motors. We made the switch to Anmol in 2001 and since then the journey has been really pleasant and smooth. We feel extremely proud to be a part of the Anmol parivaar.


Odisha (Nakhara)

I, Dinesh Murarka became a part of the Anmol family since its inauguration in 1995. It started with a small plant in Dankuni, but in a very short span of time, Anmol Industries was able to capture consumer attention and its mid-range biscuits were in huge demand among the masses. Anmol Industries came into limelight after “Sujog 1999 Consumer Scheme”. After intense planning and efforts Anmol established itself as one of India’s biggest companies in terms of on-shore and off-shore business. I am extremely happy to be a part of the Anmol family. The managing team has given me multiple opportunities to grow. I hope our business relationship with Anmol continues to grow and I pray for Anmol’s upliftment and success in the future.


West Bengal (Midnapore)

The team at Anmol is extremely cooperative. They provide my business with helpful schemes which keeps us in the top position in the market. Anmol products taste different from all other biscuits in the market. Their unique taste is what sets them apart from their competitors and has contributed to their remarkable success.


Central Bihar (Katihar)

We were fighting among a number of big players, trying to establish ourselves. Then 16 years ago, we partnered with Anmol and business began booming. With just one taste we knew the company’s potential and how far it would grow in the future. And that’s exactly what happened! Anmol began growing by leaps and bounds and with Anmol, so did we. Business has changed hands from generation to generation, but the pace of growth has not slowed down. Anmol’s strong leadership, vision and aim have helped them become one of the biggest company’s in our country. Over the years, Anmol has continued to evolve. We hope Anmol continues to venture into new markets and create new products.


Central Bihar (Gulabagh)

My distributorship began with Anmol in April 2012. They were my first company and I see no reason to reach out to anyone else now. The relationship we share is one of trust and mutual understanding.


Jharkhand (Bokaro)

I have been a part of Anmol since 2009. I would like to thank the Anmol parivaar for the quality of service shown to me for these past ten years. Our business would not be the same without the presence of Anmol.


Jharkhand (Maheshpur)

I have been associated with Anmol since 2004. Initially my business started small with very little volume. But thanks to Anmol, today we handle massive volumes. It’s been a wonderful journey and I would like to thank everyone at Anmol.


South Bihar (BARBIGHA)

My relationship with Anmol began in November 2005. The organisation is extremely friendly and cooperative. With their unmatched support, I will continue with Anmol for many more years.


South Bihar (LAKHISARAI)

Have been working with Anmol Industries since 1998 and I’m still passionate to continue with them for another 25 years and beyond!


North Bihar

It has been a fantastic 24-year journey with Anmol. It feels great to work with such amazing management and sales team. I believe Anmol Industries has a bright future in the biscuit industry and we would love to continue working with them for the coming years.


West Bengal (ALIPURDUAR)