CIN No: U15412WB2009PLC139597

Biswanth Choudhary

Keeping in mind that today’s life is the epitome of competition, Anmol Industries is concerned with instilling customer satisfaction while providing them with the best biscuits in the market. We keep our system updated with reviews given by our customers which keeps on enriching our products with customer expectations. Our consistently outstanding results and excellent employment records creates our unbeatable standards. And our industry has a strong connection with each other that continually supports making our product better and better.

Dilip Kumar Choudhary

I firmly believe that quality is what provides the product with consistency that is why we ensure to prepare our products with full ethical means. At Anmol, we pride ourselves on having stayed true to our slogan – “Yours with good taste” – as our sole purpose has always been to give consumers the gift of taste and quality.

Throughout the years, we have aimed at the well-being of the community and embracing excellence in our products. We remain strongly committed to create and maintain the best practices in quality control.

Gobind Ram Choudhary

Since Anmol industries inception, it has been on the fast track of product growth. Anmol is one of those few industries that has been established and only advanced due to its very clear vision, mission and staff commitment – to ensure that we continue to train our employees to be professionals and contribute to the development of our society through their profession. Every step of the manufacturing process is quality controlled and cautiously taken care of by the plant supervisors to Ensure best quality ingredients are placed in our product.

Bimal Kumar Choudhary

Quality is what we believe produces an excellent product. Therefore, Anmol industries have excellent Uniform Quality Products. We recently adopted the GMP, HACCP and Good Housekeeping policies at our manufacturing facilities located at Dankuni in West Bengal, Hazipur in Bihar, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh and Bhubaneswar in Odisha- to ensure that we don’t compromise the quality of our products. In addition to this, strategically located manufacturing facilities, experienced promoters and senior management team we have put unwavering efforts to establish Anmol as a premium brand across India.

Sumit Malhotra

I firmly believe at Anmol industries we focus on creating and Innovating beyond Limits. Every step in the manufacturing process is quality controlled and carefully looked after by our factory supervisors. Ensure the best ingredients like flour, sugar, edible oils, skimmed milk powder, butter, flavorings, etc. Automate every process to ensure minimal manual handling and the highest standards of hygiene. Monitor critical processes such as preparing raw materials, mixing dough and sheeting, cutting, shaping, baking, cooling, and packaging process, including logistics.

Mamta Binani

At Anmol, we strongly believe in product excellence and do not compromise on safety standards or discipline. These three things are our starting points. At every step, the manufacturing process is quality controlled and carefully looked after by our factory supervisors to ensure safety standards. Striving to be the best in the food industry, we aim to deliver uncompromising flavors to our progressive customers. In order to be recognized as a responsible citizen, we allocate 2% of our average net profits during the fiscal years immediately preceding our corporate social initiatives.

Sunil Kumar Agarwal

Our vision is based on hard work, open communication, a strong focus on teamwork, and a high level of responsibility. This wise culture allows and emphasizes our wings not only to accept today’s challenges but also individual responsibilities towards society and our nation as a whole.

Anmol organizes several health-focused initiatives for the well-being of the community. Few of them are screening centers, blood donation camps and eye exams for poor communities. The main reason for establishing health centers is the lack of access to a disadvantaged community, whose grave repercussions are evident in the economic and social sphere.

Debanjan Mandal

I am pleased to introduce you to Anmol Industries. The industry reflects our vision of becoming a best in the food sector; we aim to offer tirelessly distinct flavors to our progressive customers. We move quickly on the path to fulfilling aspirations with a global approach, and we also aim to achieve the best returns for society, consumers and our stakeholders.

To achieve the vision, we are committed to providing the best to the consumer; we aim to reach for the sky as we believe that it is where the limit lies.