Kream Cake Vanilla

Luscious Vanilla in Every Bite!

Dive into the simple and sweet flavour of vanilla with our Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Cream. Featuring a light and fluffy vanilla cake with a deliciously creamy vanilla centre, this delightful snack is sure to put a smile on your face and a skip in your step! So grab as many of our Vanilla Kream Cakes as you can!

Nutritional Facts

Carbohydrates Sugars Proteins Fat Saturated fatty acids Mono unsaturated fatty acids Poly unsaturated fatty acids Trans fatty acids Cholesterol Energy
52.8 g 32.8 g 5.8 g 18.6 g 10.5 g 5.4 g 2.3 g 0.4 g 81 mg 402 Kcal