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Our Story


Anmol Industries Limited is a leading player in the FMCG’s of India, spread across the Northern, Eastern parts of the country. We are currently spreading our wings in the Southern and Western parts of the country as well.

We are a branded packaged food company focused on biscuits, cakes and “Anmol” is our flagship brand. We have over the years leveraged our established brand presence, strategic supply chain for an extensive distribution network, diversified product portfolio and consequent value proposition for consumers, strategically located manufacturing facilities and experienced promoters and senior management team to establish the Anmol brand into a leading presence across India. We are the fourth largest biscuit brand and the fifth largest cake brand in India in terms of revenue. In the eastern parts of India, we rank third across the biscuits segment and fourth across the cakes segment in terms of revenue. (Source: FS Report)

Our diversified product portfolio contains 61 varieties of biscuits under categories such as crackers, sweet biscuits, health biscuits, cream biscuits, cookies, and 26 varieties of cakes under bar cakes, tiffin cakes, sandwich cakes and cup-cakes. Our diversified product portfolio enables us to cater to a wide range of taste preferences and consumer segments. We have products in the premium as well as mass market categories, which makes our products less susceptible to shifts in consumer preferences, market trends and risks of operating in a particular product category. In addition, we also manufacture and export 21 varieties of biscuits.

At Anmol, our purpose has always been to give consumers the gift of quality. Catering to diverse taste buds, we offer a range that has an exhaustive basket of biscuits covering a variety of segments – sweet, cracker, health, and cream. As for our fine cakes, we provide variety and quality rolled into one. All our delights are made keeping in mind they reach everyone, regardless of their diversity.


Already among the top biscuit brands in India, our humble goal is to grow further and be the best in the segment we are. We also wish to be the provider of our unique taste to each & every consumer. We aim to fulfill aspirations with a global approach and to deliver the best returns to the society, consumers, and our stakeholders.


We seek to evolve as the top Biscuit Brand of India. The mega set-up will enable us to reach further into the hearts of our consumers. As a brand which is dedicated to providing the best to the consumer, our primary aim is to keep doing this and be the best at it.


With humble beginnings and a small unit in Kolkata, we began our journey in 1994 under the leadership of Shri Baijnath Choudhary. Starting with two varieties, today we manufacture over 61 variants of Biscuits and cookies, 26 varieties of Cakes from our 6 manufacturing units in the following states: West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar & Odisha. Under his leadership, the company has grown multifold and has even gone beyond the territory of the nation to secure a berth in the global marketplace facilitating exports.

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