The Transformation of Biscuit Industries in India

The Indian obsession with biscuits is famous. Every city has its favourite biscuit, whether it’s the ghee-laden atta cookies of North India, the buttery Shrewsberry from the West, or the nutty Karachi biscuit of Hyderabad. While factory-made biscuits manufactured by leading biscuit brands in India are relatively new, the practice of homemade biscuits baked in coal-fired ovens dates back generations. The modern biscuit can be dated back to the 16th century, with the entrance of the Mughals, as biscuits with a high calorific value and a pleasant taste kept well for months and satisfied their fat, sugar, and carbohydrate needs.

The cookies segment is expected to be the fastest expanding product type in the Indian biscuit industry, while non-premium category biscuits are the market leader. Keeping this in mind, as well as the increase in demand during the epidemic, renowned biscuit producers in India have begun broadening their product portfolio with new cookie and biscuit lines. In certain situations, famous biscuit brands in India have reintroduced some of their old labels alongside new flavours.

Over the previous three years, there has been an increase in demand for nutritious biscuits made with components such as oats or ragi. During the Covid-19 pandemic, this trend accelerated. As fresh and healthy consumption has risen to the top of consumer priorities, several corporations are outsourcing their biscuit production to third-party manufacturers in close proximity to the market. The supply chain’s agility will be critical in ensuring that consumers enjoy fresh biscuits. Furthermore, the variety of biscuits available, ranging from low to high unit packs, has contributed to increased sales in both the rural and urban sectors.

Growth at Anmol

At Anmol Industries, we successfully transitioned from using furnace oil to liquified petroleum gas (LPG) in our production process, lowering our greenhouse gas emissions. Anmol Industries Limited has grown leaps and bounds since its inception in 1994, with the first manufacturing facility being established in Dankuni, West Bengal, garnering multiple honours and becoming India’s fourth-largest brand for manufacturing some of the finest cookies. We have 61 biscuit types in the sweet, savoury, creamy, and wafer categories, and we have developed 21 flavours based on the preferences of individuals in the three continents to which we export.

More than 4000 individuals working tirelessly to supply our products to nearly 18 lakh outlets in India have enabled us to achieve an annual turnover of more than Rs.1000 crore and develop a foothold in North and East India, solidifying ourselves as one of the most famous biscuit brands in India. We intend to continue on this increasing trajectory and establish ourselves in the western and southern areas of India as well. We were just named the finest FMCG company in India by the Making of Developed India organisation.

Giving Back to the Society

Late Baijnath Choudhary, our founder, came from humble beginnings and thus believed in passing on the good through various philanthropic and humanitarian activities. As one of the leading biscuit brands in India, we have continued to participate in events for the welfare of society, such as organising eye checks and blood donation drives, as well as establishing healthcare centres in underserved areas of the country, as a result of his thought process.

As an organisation and a production unit, we are aware of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and strive to achieve it through various initiatives and improvements. Collaborations with government institutions, local communities, and non-profit organisations to assist them with their activities are one such effort for which we have set aside 2% of our annual net revenues.

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