5 Most Beloved Anmol Biscuits

India is a country where relationships are forged over cups of tea and plates of assorted biscuits. After all, nothing beats a hot cup of tea with a variety of cookies. These often sweet, sometimes savoury nibbles, which are frequently combined with hot beverages, are a regular part of millions of people’s breakfast. Anmol Industries has been working for over two decades to produce new flavours, deliver novel tastes to Indian clients, and establish itself as one of the best biscuit manufacturing companies in India.

Anmol Industries Limited has risen in the skies since its inception in 1994, producing some of the top biscuits in India. We have 61 biscuit types in the sweet, savoury, creamy, and wafer categories, and we have developed 21 flavours based on the preferences of individuals in the three continents to which we export. Here are some of the most beloved biscuits crafted at Anmol, that have been an important part of the Indian snack scenario:

Dream Lite

If you want salty biscuits and are looking to satisfy your mid-day hunger, Anmol’s Dream Lite is the best alternative. Dream Lite is a salty, crunchy, and buttery workday snack that will leave you feeling refreshed and energised.

These buttery crackers are your best bet for an instant flavour explosion. Starting with sugar sprinkles and a variety of spicy masalas, your tastes will be transported into a beautiful trance. Here’s a tip: combining butter crackers with vegetables and mayonnaise dip is a delicious way to enjoy your evenings!

Yummy Cream Lite Biscuits

There is something so inherently sweet about cream biscuits that transports you directly to your childhood. As the name indicates, cream biscuits are made with cream, which provides the fat for these delicious biscuits.

When making biscuits, it’s important not to overwork them so they get their typical fluffy texture. Anmol’s trademark recipe produces some of the most delectable top biscuits in India, known to our customers as Yummy biscuits, in a variety of flavours such as chocolate, elaichi, milk, and orange, lemon, and mixed fruit!

Hit and Run Biscuits

Bite into a delectable Anmol Hit & Run cookie and let the occasional chocolate chip dazzle your senses with a flash of chocolatey flavour with every crunch. Bite your way through as you discover the rich and gooey chocolate chips nestled between delectable biscuits that balance the sweetness of the chocolate. The luscious chocolate will engulf your senses and take them for a ride!

Tip Top Chatpate Jeera Munchies

Do you want something light and tasty? Anmol’s Tip Top Chatpate Jeera Munchies are the ideal teatime companion. As you bite into these crunchy biscuits, you will taste a variety of flavours popping in your mouth!

Marie Plus Biscuits

Without your favourite Marie Plus, chai time is incomplete. These crunchy cookies go nicely with a cup of kadak chai. Marie Plus is an outstanding complement to your dining table, light and crispy with a distinct flavour. This delicious biscuit is a favourite among grandparents, children, and people of all ages. Marie Plus is the finest alternative for a quick and healthy snack, whether spread with jam or eaten on its own.

Being one of the most renowned biscuit manufacturing companies in India, our quality control team regularly monitors and scrutinises critical operations such as dough mixing, and raw material selection such as sugar, salt, edible oils, butter, and flavouring powder, moulding, baking, packaging, and shipping. This allows us to maintain a consistent and high-quality product that our consumers value. We have a large selection of some of the best biscuits in India, as well as other snacks like cookies, biscuits and cakes.

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