Top Snacks You Can Enjoy During Your Evening

When it comes to biscuits, we genuinely believe that no one beats Anmol. There are so many different classic variations to pick from that the possibilities are truly limitless, from the classic cookies to the best cream biscuits in India. However, if you want to eat your biscuit with a cup of tea, you must select the appropriate one – but what makes the perfect partner to a steaming mug of tea?

Flavourful Rusks

Rusk is, by a long shot, the most underrated snack ever! Even if it is not the ultimate favourite of many, it is loaded with healthy goodness and a taste that compliments your evening tea perfectly! The aromatic cardamom-flavoured rusks made at Anmol Industries will fill your heart with memories of simpler times. These crunchy elaichi flavoured rusks will warm your spirit whether combined with scorching hot tea or a glass of milk.

Another fan favourite is our delicious Butter Rusks. With these crunchy buttery pleasures, you can amp up the flavour factor! A single mouthful will transport you back in time, but we guarantee you won’t be able to stop at just one.

You can also opt for the healthier alternative of Milk Rusks – with these crunchy twice-baked rusks packed with milk sweetness, you get the best of both worlds: taste and health. You can dunk it in tea or a hot glass of milk to savour it, or simply eat it plain; either way, you can’t go wrong!

Sweet n Salty Cracker Biscuits

Have you ever wondered what happens when two opposing flavours mix? With Anmol’s 2 in 1, you get something deliciously sweet and salty. Because of its different flavours, this is an ideal tea-time companion for individuals of all ages. Alternatively, when you don’t have a sweet tooth and your salt needs are on the rise, treat yourself to a pack of Anmol’s Top Magic. This salty, buttery cracker with an excellent array of flavours is the ideal snack option for any time of day.

Looking for a healthy evening snack? Anmol’s Veg Munch is a delicious delicacy that is high in spices and vegetables. What could be more satisfying than indulging in some spicy and crunchy nutritional biscuits all at once?

Delicious Cream Biscuits

It is no exaggeration to say that our cream biscuits are the best cream biscuits in India, which will literally put a smile on your face! Bite your way through until you reach the creamy, gooey chocolate cream sandwiched between delectable salted biscuits that balance the sweetness of the chocolate through our Choco Mazaa biscuits, the tastiest chocolate cream biscuits in India.

What better way to beat the heat this summer than with this spicy Lemon Mazaa snack? Lemon Mazaa is a perennial favourite for people searching for a fresh surge of energy, with delightful lemon cream sandwiched between two light puff biscuits. On the other hand, with each crunchy bite of Fruit Mazaa, indulge in the fresh and unusual flavours of wild fruits. Feel your taste buds sway to the fruity beat of this snack as crisp biscuits and creamy fruit cream swirl together for a dramatic flavour!

Luxurious Romanzo Cookies

Nothing brings the delicious, luscious richness of chocolate to life quite like our beautiful Romanzo cookies. Chocolate is the food of the gods, and these cookies are so delicious that even the gods can’t stop eating them. So, don’t wait for an excuse to indulge in these opulent biscuits. Take a bite and your palette will be engulfed in a blanket of chocolate, thanks to the chocolate cream biscuits in India.

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