Get the most scrumptious cakes from one of the best cake manufacturing companies in India

Anmol Industries Limited has grown exceptionally in the past two decades and is now recognized as one of the leading FMCG manufacturers in the industry, with exemplary performance in both Indian and International markets. Anmol Industries have an extensive range of products like cakes, rusks, biscuits, and recipes that are sold all over India. We have affixed our position in North and East India and now have our sights set on the Western and Southern regions, the preparations for which are in motion.

We are among the largest cake manufacturing companies in India, ranking 4th in terms of revenue nationwide. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are always learning and developing new tactics that can be implemented to maximize production while keeping the customer’s choices and tastes in mind. We have streamlined our operations and constantly monitor our processes to verify their hygiene and punctuality.

To maintain high standards of hygiene and safety at work, we have adopted GMP, good housekeeping and HACCP policies at our manufacturing units in West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh. We have invested in equipping ourselves with the latest machinery so that we can effectively incorporate new ideas into our processes.

We also put in maximum efforts towards our corporate social responsibility (CSR) by setting aside around 2% of our average net profits so that we can contribute to various initiatives that we are a part of or have started ourselves. Frequent collaborations with government institutions, local communities, and nonprofits (also known as NGOs) are our way of lending a helping hand in different types of humanitarian activities. We have helped set up healthcare centers and organize eye checkups as well as blood donation drives in underprivileged areas of the country. The people were suffering due to poor health infrastructure in the region and these healthcare centers relieved some pressure from the existing medical care facilities.

As one of the best cake manufacturing companies in India, we have implemented various sustainability measures to become more environmentally friendly.  We keep a close eye on each step of our manufacturing processes like the preparation of raw material, mixing of the dough, moulding, baking, cooling, and packaging. Any hazardous waste that might be generated from these processes is properly disposed of according to the government norms. We also have successfully shifted from furnace oil to liquified petroleum gas (LPG) in our baking process which has helped us monitor and control the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our manufacturing facilities.

In the span of just over two decades, we have grown exceptionally, entering international markets and competing with the giants of the industry. Our diverse portfolio comprises 26 varieties of cakes and 61 varieties of biscuits along with rusks and cookies. We export our goods to countries in three to four different continents, boasting an enormous annual turnover of Rs.1000 crore. Anmol Industries have a team of more than 4000 employees working hard to produce high-quality cakes and biscuits and delivering them safely to about 1.8 million (or 18 lakh) outlets also improving the high natural traffic with the help of digital marketing company in India that are a part of our domestic network. We intend to stay on this growth trajectory and help our customers grow as well.

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