Anmol Industries offer the top Biscuits in India

India is a country where people pride in calling themselves “tea lovers” and there’s nothing we like more than a hot cup of tea and an assortment of biscuits. These sometimes sweet – sometimes savory snacks that are often paired with hot beverages are a part of millions of people’s breakfast regularly. Anmol Industries has been laboring to develop new flavors and offer interesting tastes to the Indian customers for over two decades. We have an extensive range of some of the top biscuits in India along with other snacks like cookies, cakes, and occasionally, even recipes.

We garner relationships with our customers and build trust so we can keep learning and invest in developing new products suitable to their changing tastes and preferences. To ensure adherence to the highest hygiene standards at our manufacturing facilities, we have adopted various policies like HACCP, GMP, and good housekeeping. These are currently being followed by our units in Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal, and Bihar. We have automated the majority of our operations to minimize the physical handling of products, thus taking another measure for excellent hygiene practices.

Critical processes like mixing of dough, selection of raw materials like sugar, salt, edible oils, butter, flavoring powder, moulding, baking, packaging, and dispatch are continuously monitored and undergo scrutiny by our quality control team. This helps us maintain a uniform and top-notch quality of the product that our customers cherish.

Renowned as one of the top biscuit brands in India, Anmol has gained acclaim for its commitment to delivering both flavor and nutritional value.

We are aware of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an organization and a manufacturing unit and we constantly try to fulfill this responsibility through various initiatives and changes. Collaborations with government institutions, local communities, and nonprofits to help them with their activities are one such initiative for which we have set aside 2% of our annual net profits. Our founder, Late Baijnath Choudhary came from humble beginnings and hence believed in passing on the good, through various philanthropic and humanitarian activities. Following his thought process, we have continued to partake in events for the betterment of society like organizing eye checkups and blood donation drives as well as setting up healthcare centres in underprivileged areas of the country.

We have successfully made the shift from usage of furnace oil to liquified petroleum gas (LPG) in our manufacturing process subsequently reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Since its inception in 1994 with the first manufacturing unit being established in Dankuni, West Bengal, Anmol Industries Limited has soared in the skies bagging several awards and becoming the 4th largest brand for manufacturing some of the top biscuits in India. We have 61 variants of biscuits in the sweet, savory, creamy, and wafer categories and we have developed 21 flavors based on the preferences of people in the countries that we export to on three different continents.

More than 4000 employees working very hard to deliver our products to almost 18 lakh outlets in India have helped us generate an annual turnover of over Rs.1000 crore and establish our presence in North and East India. We aim to continue on this upwards trajectory and dig our roots in the western and southern parts of India too. Recently, we were awarded the best FMCG company by the Making of developed India organization.

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