Celebrating unsung artists...

Each day, we encounter creative masterpieces – some by famous artists, others by unsung talents. Yet, behind these works lie artists in the shadows, their remarkable journeys often unnoticed. Their creative process is Anmol, and they are treasures in their own right.

Join us in celebrating these Anmol Kalakaar’s,
for their Kalakaari is a priceless gift to the world.

Featured Story

In West Bengal, the fervor of Durga Puja is a breathtaking spectacle. It unfurls with an unwavering devotion that radiates from every corner, as skilled hands meticulously shape awe-inspiring idols, light men create spectacular installations and dhakis play the dhak all around – the Durga Pujo feel is unebelievable.

Yet, amidst this grandeur, one question remains:
Do we truly appreciate the craftspeople behind these marvels the recognition they deserve?

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