CIN No: U15412WB2009PLC139597

Elaichi Flavoured Sandwich

These elaichi cream biscuits are all you need to munch on, to relish the taste of elaichi with its rich and vibrant flavours. Bite into these biscuits to try our newest flavour, sandwiched between the crunchiest of biscuits.

Nutrional Facts

Carbohydrates 73.41 g
Sugars 23.44 g
Proteins 6.56 g
Total Fat 17.98 g
Saturated fatty acids 9.34 g
Mono unsaturated fatty acids 6.05 g
Poly unsaturated fatty acids 2.59 g
Trans fatty acids 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Energy 484.35 kcal

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