Private Labeling

At Anmol Industries, we provide private labelling services while keeping quality and safety first. We have manufacturing units that are installed with modern equipment and machinery to ensure you get the highest quality products. Private labels are a presentation of your company and identity, so it is prime to label your product as unique so that the product looks different from others.

At Anmol Industries:

  • We provide new and innovative products and packaging options that you can have on your label.
  • We can handle labels or logos given by the customer.
  • We provide poster design and printing services and also offer custom artwork.

With state-of-the-art labs and over 400 professionals, Anmol Industries offers high-quality biscuits, cakes and other products that allow its customers to benefit from building and expanding without spending too much. We focus on providing products that meet your specifications.

Research and development

Our R&D laboratory consists of the most modern equipment and machines that allow us to perform most tasks on site. Manages the trained workforce located in the laboratory and controls the various testing and development processes.

Anmol Industries’ main goal is to promote a wide range of low-maintenance and cost-effective products. Technicians located in these laboratories carry out various research activities to improve the variety of existing products and improve their performance.


Anmol Industries focuses on providing a great business experience for its clients, which is why our team of illustrious scientists brings ideas out of the box to meet our clients' needs. For the drafting process, we can use your supplied formulas, or use one of our private labelling formulas, or work with you to develop a new one from inspired by your thought process and passion. After gathering vendor data, research reports and trials, our focus remains on selecting safe ingredients.

Our scientists ensure that our products are free of ingredients that can damage your body or affect the body. And with our unique design and manufacturing skills, we can help you make better decisions throughout the process.


We ensure that strict quality control procedures are executed throughout the company. Our team of experienced chemists and scientists monitor every process. All materials or components are gathered from reliable and trustworthy suppliers. And products are packaged with premium quality packaging materials.

We have huge manufacturing units equipped with the latest tools and machines led by highly trained chemical engineers and technicians. Anmol Industries quality control department ensures products are thoroughly examined for leaks and user safety.

Our factories are FDA approved and provide you with excellent manufacturing facilities including packing, decorating, packing, shipping and storage facilities. We invite you to visit our factories and feel the commitment we put into creating quality products.


At Anmol Industries, we believe safety comes first, and to ensure our products reach you safely and safely for use, we run numerous tests before launching the final product. Anmol Industries offers its customers the knowledge, support and specialized services in analyzing products, raw materials and consumer substrates.

Before delivery, our products are extensively tested to determine that they are safe to use. Some of the basic things our scientists take into consideration before introducing our products are:

  • Weight control
  • Stability test
  • Assessment test
  • Packaging failure analysis
  • Determine contamination

We don't want to break our customers 'trust and that's why before handling the product in customers' hands, we make sure they are safe and protected.

Packaging and decoration

We are a company that has the qualities to provide exceptional services to its clients. We provide creative packaging design for private branded or branded products. Our packaging experts will identify and determine the best packaging for your product. We offer:

  • Shrink wrap
  • Blister package
  • Show packaging
  • Named
  • Unlimited sizes for shapes and containers
  • Promotional packaging
  • Aluminum cans, large working capacity, and more

We have two manufacturing units that provide us with enough space for storage and packaging. Besides packaging, our other services include research, development, formulation, testing, etc.