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Anmol Industries – The Leading Biscuit Manufacturers in Kolkata

Biscuit making is a passion with us and we deliver some of the bestselling biscuits in India. Having a range of good quality and tasty biscuits. Whether it’s salty, sweet, sugar-free, or cream biscuits, we at Anmol Industries have a delightful range of products for every age group.

Since 1994 we have grown into one of the largest premier biscuit manufacturing companies in India. Our passion lies in our deep-rooted values, using the best ingredients to make the tastiest and most nourishing products. Anmol Industries Limited is one of the leading and famous biscuit brands in India that offer its esteemed customers, a taste that delights the taste buds in every bite.

Skill and knowledge, you can trust. 

Anmol Industries believes in teamwork. Our teams work with keeping a goal in mind which makes sure each of our products achieves rave reviews. When you want to indulge in newer tastes that delight, surprise and satisfy, all you need to do is ‘Pop the Tea Kettle n and Relish any of Our Biscuit from our Wide Range’.

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