Why is cookie called a cookie and not biscuit?

It may have seemed like the word ‘Cookie’ was originated from Cook. However, that’s not the case as it was first discovered by the Dutch in a colonial settlement, south of Manhattan Island. The area was basically a fur-trading settlement, but on occasions, numerous treats were baked there, and that’s how the word ‘Koek’ was originated by the Dutch, which meant ‘Little Cakes’.

It all changed when the English took over the colony and with time, reformed ‘Koekjes’ to a word that sounds more pleasing. This also explains why the English call sweet Biscuits as Cookies and how important the word has become in today’s time that it’s being used for every baked good. However, that had to change so America classified two different sorts of biscuits; Thin, Flat and Crispy biscuits became Crackers, while the more nutritional and sweetened version of Biscuits became Cookies.

The reason behind why a Cookie is called a Cookie and not a Biscuit is debatable because it all depends on which side of the land you reside in. In the United States, a Cookie could mean both a Cookie and a Biscuit. However, in other regions, it may be specified on how it looks, but to know that you must first know the difference between a Biscuit and a Cookie.


Biscuits were derived from the Latin words ‘Baked Twice’ and were made much firmer than a Cookie. It is usually smaller in size and comes in many forms where they’re either sandwiched together with a filling in between or topped with a covering of chocolate. Reasonably said, biscuits are mostly preferred as a product dipped in tea and can be made at home through basic recipes.


Whereas, Cookies are Softer and Chunkier than Biscuits. Since the times have changed, Cookies have found their rightful place and appeal over the Biscuits, with tons of family occasions and stalls being dedicated for its name. Due to their supple texture, they are filled in with various ingredients that may include Dry Fruits, Nuts, Chocolate Chips, Gems, Raisins etc. Unlike Biscuits, it is less common to find Cookies that are decorated on the outside, because the real pleasure comes from within and natural traffic become the best way for us to take these cookies sale on another level with the help of digital halt.

Cookies nowadays have reformed into many unusual sizes and they’re a versatile option to choose during morning breakfast, evening snack, or after a delicious dinner. Flavors of Cookies are limitless, and you can create them using whichever ingredients you feel fit, as it goes well with almost everything. If you’re looking to try out some of the best flavorful Cookies, then there would be no better option than to choose Anmol Cookies, the best healthy biscuit manufacturer in India.

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