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We remain strongly committed to create and maintain the best practices in quality control. Hygiene is a serious primary concern in our industry and we are focused towards delivering a quality product while ensuring food safety. All our manufacturing facilities are fully automated and equipped with the latest plant and machinery that facilitate in manufacturing uniform quality products. We have adopted the GMP, HACCP and Good Housekeeping policies at our manufacturing facilities located at Dankuni in West Bengal, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. We also have a stringent internal quality control policy to ensure that all products manufactured across all our units are of consistent quality. Our state of the art manufacturing facility in Bhubaneswar, which was set up in March 2017, is also equipped with the latest plant and machinery that facilitates in manufacturing uniform quality products. This enables us to maintain high standards of quality. We believe that our modern manufacturing facilities enable us to manufacture quality products with greater operational efficiency and effectively compete with some of our larger competitors. As of March 31, 2018, 97.04 % of our products were manufactured in facilities owned by us. The complete control over the manufacturing process allows us to maintain high standards.


Each and every step of the manufacturing process is quality controlled and cautiously taken care of by the plant supervisors. Special attention is given to procurement of best quality ingredients like flour, sugar, edible oils, skimmed milk powder, butter,flavouring agents, etc. Each process is automated to ensure least manual handling and highest standards of hygiene. The entire set of processes like Raw Material Preparation, Dough Mixing, Sheeting, Cutting, Moulding, Baking, Cooling and the Packaging process including Logistics and handling are monitored and carried out under the watchful eyes of experts.



R&D plays a major role in the growth of Anmol Group. Great emphasis has been given to innovation of products that suit the Indian consumer palate than just me-too kind of products. Some of the unique variants developed at Anmol have created a new category segment in the market, like the Dream Lite, Veg Munch and Bakers Bix. Many more unique products, spreading across several categories, are in development process. Gaining first mover advantage by launching distinctive products will surely usher immense growth of Anmol brand in the coming years.

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