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CSR Initiatives

We aim to be recognized as a responsible corporate citizen and have earmarked 2% of our average net profits made during the immediately preceding three Financial Years for our corporate social initiatives. As a socially responsible organization, our Company has collaborated with various communities and government institutions to carry on with a number of humanitarian activities. Some of these include voluntary health check-up camps, promoting education by partnering in the establishment of school buildings, installation of deep tube-wells, supplying of biscuits to aid in nutrition and more.

We have set up a CSR committee of our Board of Directors (the “CSR Committee”) comprising Mamta Binani, Bimal Kumar Choudhary, Sunil Kumar Agarwal and Sumit Malhotra and have adopted and implemented a CSR policy, pursuant to which we carry out our CSR activities. The main objective of the policy is to lay down guidelines for our Company’s corporate social responsibility, and make it a key business process for sustainable development, to make a positive impact on society and enhance our image as a credible and reliable business partner.


Anmol organizes health camps, blood donation camps, Eye camps etc for the poor community people. Health care continues to remain outside the domain of poor with serious repercussions felt in the economic and social spheres. Poor people are deprived of the knowledge of primary health care and existence of government health centers. We also help to Combating disease, promoting health care support including preventive health care besides this we also focused on safe drinking water and other hazardous diseases.


We keep a careful note of manufacturing processes that has negative impacts on the environment and needs to be addressed. We have given additional focus into the areas of hazardous waste management, emission control, effluent treatment and safety at the work place. We have been successful in implementing and using Green Fuel by changing from Furnace Oil to LPG.


Anmol has established schools at most underdeveloped locations in West Bengal that provide a quality education for poor children.


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